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Suumit Shah is the Founder and CEO of the Dukaan App, a company he co-founded with Subhash in 2020 during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Subhash is the Co-Founder of the Dukaan App.

Real NameSuumit Shah
Age31 Year
Date Of birth25 December 1990
FounderDukaan,, Risemetric
FamilyFather: Not Known
Mother: Not Known
Brother: Piyush Shah
Wife: Saloni Saxena
Friend: Shubash [Co Founder]

Suumit Shah was born on December 25, 1990, in Maharashtra, and he is currently 31 years old. He hails from Satara, Maharashtra, and follows the Hindu faith.

Suumit Shah Biography

Suumit Shah’s Early Life: When Suumit Shah enrolled in an engineering college, he noticed that his friends had expensive watches, shoes, and clothes. This made him realize that he needed to earn money to afford such expensive items. He learned web development from Google and YouTube and started approaching people to offer website development services. His first project earned him 7,000 rupees, which is approximately $100 when converted to dollars.

In his second year, Suumit was introduced to blogging by a friend who was making 1-2 lakh rupees monthly through blogging. Suumit learned to blog and started earning a substantial income.

Suumit Shah mentioned that his parents initially had doubts about his ability to earn money from home, so he moved to Maharashtra and joined a company named Kapjini. However, he didn’t find this job satisfying, so he left it and joined a company named Tinymail.

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Later, Suumit left Tinymail and started his own company called Risemetric. He was determined and never looked back.

During the nationwide lockdown, Suumit Shah had the idea to create an online store. When he searched for solutions, he came across Shopify, and it took him just 10 days to develop the Dukaan app, despite being an engineer.

Facts About Suumit Shah:

  1. Suumit Shah is the Founder of the Dukaan app.
  2. He, along with Subhash, developed the Dukaan App.
  3. Suumit Shah is also the Founder of and Risemetric.
  4. He is an engineer by profession.
  5. Suumit Shah began his career with blogging.
  6. He created the Dukaan app in just 10 days.
  7. The idea for the Dukaan app came to him after exploring Shopify.

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