Meet the Team

Leadership team

Collectively, the leadership team is accountable for the development, supervision and management of the YKROK programme for children, teachers and parents.

Key Managerial Persons (KMPs)

Suman Kapoor, Director, Head of Operations

Suman, chairman, co-founded YKROK in 2002. During the past sixteen years, she has planned, designed, constructed and implemented Child Care facilities at forty different locations, and have graduated over a 4,000 kids to formal schools. She is a graduate from New York University in Early childhood Education. Suman oversees operations Pan India.

Deepak Kaushik, CFO

Deepak has been associated with YKROK since April 2017. Along with his team, he is responsible for the entire Finance Process, corporate finance, setting up of robust internal controls, financial accounting, reporting and compliance.

Bharat Kapoor, Director, Head of Corporate Business Development

Bharat founded Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids in 2002. He has grown YKROK to 35 centres Pan India with operations spread across 12 cities. Bharat grew up in the United States in Dallas, TX from the age of 12. His education from high school to university is in the US. Bharat attended Southern Methodist University for his undergraduate for associates degree, and The University of Texas B.S program in 1991. Graduated from the Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, General Management Program in 1996. He is the father of two teenage children. Bharat leads the company's growth strategy and oversees client relations Pan India.

Amit Kumar Bhargava, HR Head

Amit and his team is responsible for the entire End-to-End HR Solutions including statutory compliances, recruitment, engagement and assessment. Amit joined YKROK in July 2018.

Day Care Staff

YKROK is driven by a team of highly qualified and well-experienced early childhood educators that embodies YKROK’s mission and core values. The highly effective Day Care team in each of our centres is supported by teachers, assistant teachers, care givers, nutritionist, nurses, cook, and operations manager. The majority are English-speaking staff. All teachers are qualified, experienced educators with bachelor degrees and certificates in preschool education;. At each of our centres, you will be able to see how the day care team applies innovation, care, warmth and creativity to help every child develop into a creative and confident learner.

If you would to join our dynamic team, email us at [email protected]


Every YKROK Centre is Operated by a full time Centre Head with the assistance of an Operations Manager and Head Office Team. Together They Work To Make Sure Every Family Enjoys A Positive Experience.

Operations Manager provide continual support to prepare children for success in the centres and in life. They ensure that trained teachers and staff lovingly guide the children to help them learn through play. They also train and manage YKROK teachers on health and safety standards, curriculum requirements, developmental guidelines and enrichment programs.

Company Privately Owned And Operated With 16+ Years Experience

All centres are licensed. Red carpet workplace trophies for 37 best childcare staff. Centre Heads and Operation Managers are on-site to ensure availability to staff and parents.

Key Staff

  • Queen Victoria, Manager, CRM
  • Noor Asma, Manager, Quality Audit
  • Nidhi Mehta, Manager, HR
  • Jyothi, Infant / Toddler R&D, Manager
  • Nandan, Facility Manager (Fire and Safety)
  • Shweta Shah, Nutritionist
  • Merchant, Senior Project Manager
  • Padmanabhan Ananth, Legal
  • Deenal R, Centre Operations
  • Durga Siveprasad, Centre Operations
  • Kavita Devi, Centre Operations
  • Sheeba Furtado, Staff Nurse
  • Smitha CS, Centre Operations
  • Tony Mathew, District Operations Manager
  • Sudip Bhattacharya, District Operations Manager
  • Stella Mary, Staff Nurse (First Aid Certified)
  • Priscella, Staff Nurse (First Aid Certified)
  • Valar Mathi, Staff Nurse (First Aid Certified)
  • Inuchetia, Staff Nurse (First Aid Certified)
  • Rini Lakra, Staff Nurse (First Aid Certified)
  • Siny Joseph, Staff Nurse (First Aid Certified)
  • Nisha Sachdev, Staff Nurse (First Aid Certified)
  • Binodini Chowdhury, Staff Nurse (First Aid Certified)
  • Jeevitha MS, Centre Operations
  • Divya Sharma, Centre Operations
  • Nitya Lakshmi, Centre Operations
  • Sofia K, Centre Operations
  • Sujatha, Centre Operations
  • Martina, Centre Operations
  • Knagavalli, Centre Operations
  • Vidya Sivaraman, Centre Operations
  • Ruchi Arora, Finance Manager
  • Divya Bharati, Manager, Accounts
  • Veerendra Kali, Executive, Accounts