Private Lower And Upper Kindergarten
(Ages 4-6 Years)

Starting between four and five years of age, depending on the time of year (for children one plus years away from attending Grade One)

Kindergarten program

At our centers, children are in a safe environment they know and love, which makes learning more effective and fun. YKROKs comprehensive, skill-based kindergarten program is designed to start your child off right, and you will see immediate success.

Activities are tailored to meet your child's individual needs, and our teachers provide opportunities to explore, question, communicate and create in a fun and supportive environment. Our curriculum content standards for first-grade readiness to make sure your child is prepared to excel at the next level.


  • Individual attention in a small class setting
  • All-day instruction with after-school care provided
  • Educational field trips and school presentations that enhance the curriculum
  • Curriculum aligned with that of local formal schools to make transition smooth and natural
  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to keep you informed about your child's day
ykrok kindergarten kids snap
ykrok kinder garden kids group play
ykrok kindergarden kids with staff