Corporate audits

Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids is committed to providing only the best to children, parents and our corporate partners. That's why we ensure our centres meet the highest standards of corporate childcare quality.

We are required to respond to detailed requests for proposals that set out specific high quality standards that meet the needs of their employees’ families. Many of the family-friendly policies and features at YKROK are a result of working in partnership with companies in several cities in India who conduct corporate tie up audits as per our contractual obligations.

Audit Equals a Commitment to Our Families

Our centers are audited because both the corporate & YKROK believe so strongly in the process and its purpose: to ensure your child receives the very best education and care in the early years that we know are so important to development. When your child is enrolled at our audited center, you will experience the difference.

Doing the Right Thing for You and Your Child

Corporate Audit inspires a dedication to constant improvement in all areas—meaning our centres take the care and education of your child very seriously and work tirelessly to answer “yes” to important questions about:

  • The Child Care Workers: Are they experienced, nurturing, and qualified? Do they form bonds with the children and build trust with families?
  • The Centre: Is it safe, clean, and organized? Are daily routines clear?
  • The Activities: Does it spark a joy of learning and is it appropriate for each stage of development?
  • The Care: Is there time and space for children to nap/rest? Are they getting a nutritious meal? Are their clothes getting changed? Do they wash their hands frequently? Is the First Aid kit fully stocked?

These are likely many of the same questions you’re asking yourself on a tour. In an audited centre, the answer is a resounding “yes” to these and many other important questions.

We’re proud to have the most nationally audited day care centres in the country—nearly 40. We’re dedicated to achieving 100 percent audits for all of our eligible centres—and that puts us head and shoulders above the rest of the industry.

Who Audits Our Centers?

Our programs undergo in-depth self-assessments by Corporates who inspect our operations and facilities, independent observation by our tie up hospital and Doctors, and approval by professional experts from corporates and our own SOP & Operations team. In general, standards evaluate the centre’s staff qualifications, parent communication, interactions, curriculum, health and safety, and administration.

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