Partnership Possibilities

Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids innovative approaches will help companies across sectors and regions to better meet their employees childcare needs. We will help you choose from a range of childcare options, from on-site crèches to a partnership with YKROK. As a result, your company can better attract and retain qualified staff – helping boost employee productivity and strengthening the bottom line.

Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids aim is to reach hundreds of businesses whom can learn from our experience as well as our tie ups where we can replicate solutions for you. It is also a call to action, encouraging all companies mandated by the maternity law to invest in childcare and support the infrastructure necessary for Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids to expand and meet the growing demand for childcare.

Let us explore a partnership to better support parent’s access to affordable, reliable, and good-quality childcare. Success will score a triple win for all: employees and their children, businesses, and the economy.

Lighten the Mental Load: Strategies to Relieve Working Parents Pan India

Today's workforce is experiencing "mental load" — the stress of the continuous prioritisation and management of family tasks and needs. When this stress inevitably follows them to the office, they experience burnout, miss out on leadership roles, and even consider dialing back their careers. Contact Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids to learn how employers can support tomorrow's leaders, avoid costly turnover, and compete for top talent. Our team will help you focus on the why – the reasons that companies may want to invest in childcare support.

Companies seeking to support their employee’s childcare needs have a broad range of options.

Some of the options offered by Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids include:

  • On-or near site company childcare
  • Childcare spaces purchased with a tie up across multiple Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids centres
  • Childcare subsidies for employees
  • Extended hours care; early, late, nights & weekends
  • Back-up / emergency care
  • Summer camps & care during school holidays
  • Flexible working time to allow employees to provide childcare

YKROK is offering various childcare options to currently 200 factories, mines, plantations, townships and Multinational / Domestic Corporations with multiple and single worksites.

Corporate Enquiry:

Mr. Bharat Kapoor at 9740 206 633 / [email protected]

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