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YKROK centres provide children nourishing and attractive food according to a written plan, developed by a qualified full-time Child Care Nutrition Specialist. Teacher/assistant teacher/nurses, and centre head share the responsibility of updating parents on what is getting served on a daily basis.

The YKROK centre ensures the following:

  • Children in care for 8 and fewer hours offered at least one meal and two snacks
  • Children in care more than 8 hours are offered at least two meals and two snacks
  • A nutritious snack offered to all children in midmorning at 10:30AM and in mid afternoon at 4PM
  • Children offered food at intervals at least 2 hours apart and not more than 3 hours apart unless the child is asleep. Some very young infants are fed at shorter intervals than every 2 hours to meet their nutritional needs.
  • Children in care are offered 5 or more servings of a fruit, vegetable, and milk each day. At least one of these servings are high in Vitamin C. A fruit, vegetable, and high in Vitamin A are offered daily.
  • The YKROK centre offers fruits at specific meals and snacks instead of continuously throughout the day.
  • Clean, sanitary drinking water is readily available throughout the day.
  • If dietary modifications are indicated based on a child's medical or special dietary needs, the teacher/assistant teacher/nurse will modify or supplement the child's diet on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with the parents and the YKROK’s Nutrition Specialist.
  • Reasons for modification of the child's diet may be related to allergies, food idiosyncrasies, and other identified feeding issues which a parent must inform the Centre Head.
  • For a child identified with medical special needs for dietary modification or special feeding techniques, written instructions from the child's parent is provided in the child's record and carried out accordingly.

These written instructions from the parent must identify:

  • The child's special needs
  • Any dietary restrictions based on the special needs
  • Any foods to be omitted from the diet and any foods to be substituted
  • Limitations of activities
  • Any other pertinent special needs information.

YKROK’s Nutrition Specialist need to approve menus that accommodate needed dietary modifications.


YKROK develops, in advance, written menus showing all foods to be served during that month and will make them available to parents. The YKROK centre will date and retain these menus amended to reflect any changes in the food actually served. Sometimes a certain food item is not available. The substitutions will be of equal nutrient value.

To avoid problems of food sensitivity in very young children, we need to obtain from the child's parents, a list of foods that have already been introduced (without any reaction), and then serve some of these foods to the child. As new foods are introduced, head teachers will share and discuss these foods with the parents prior to their introduction.


Before any child enrols in a YKROK centre, the centre need to obtain a written history of any special nutrition or feeding needs the child has. The staff need to review this history with the child's parents. If further information is required, along with the parents' written consent, the centre head or the nutritionist may be required to consult with the child's primary health care provider.

The written history of special nutrition or feeding needs will be used to develop individual feeding plans and, collectively, to develop centre menus.

The feeding plan need to include steps to take when a situation arises that requires rapid response by the staff (such as a child with a known history of food allergies demonstrating signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis). The completed plan need to be on file and accessible to the staff.


Our Nutrition Specialist is employed full time to work with the centre head and listen to parents’ feedback. She also develops and implements the centre's nutrition plan. Parents normally reach out to her by emailing [email protected] to provide feedback on the planned menu.

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