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Activity Centres

For Active and Curious Kids

Interest Centers

The Two's classroom is arranged into six various Interest Centers, including:

  • Book and Storytelling Center - flannel board, large selection of age-appropriate books, puppets and cozy setting with large pillows
  • Creative Arts Center - art and collage materials, play dough for tactile play art materials, large art easel, crayons, variety of paper, washable paint and brushes
  • Water and Sand Center - sensory table, magnifying class, magic bottles, wooden spoons, large paint brushes, straws and plastic figures with transportation toys
  • Games and Puzzles Center - manipulatives, developmentally appropriate toys, peg puzzles, magnetic board with characters, letters, shapes and numbers
  • Dramatic Play Center - kitchen set complete with utensils and lightweight pots and pans, play radio, dolls and dressup clothes representing men and women
  • Block Center - large lightweight and heavy blocks, large vehicles with props such as animals and people