YKROK childcare
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Program Specifics

Whether your child is eating, sleeping, outside playing, inside learning or exploring the big world beyond on a field trip, he or she is in the best of hands. Our day care model assures children individualized attention. Moreover, YKROK attracts teachers and caregivers who have respect for the child. Our intent is to create a sense of “extended family” for your child, so YKROK becomes a “home away from home.”
The presence of nurses for infant care and head teachers + assistant teachers from the toddler age groups plus separate extra curricular teachers sets YKROK apart. Your child's nurse and head teacher is trained for the child's age level and stays with him or her throughout the day, for continuity and consistency. The same teacher moves to themed learning centres throughout the facility, where a myriad of activities and subjects await. Children aren't stifled or bored by staying in one small area all day. They are never forced to participate in activities.
YKROK's extra curricular teachers are dedicated to teaching in such areas as computers, sports, music, dance and art. Even infants as young as 3 months participate in simple activities. Supporting this total learning experience is a seasoned management team composed of an Operations Team and Centre Head responsible for Administration, Services, and Curriculum. A staff of teacher's aides and housekeepers complement the team by changing diapers, cleaning and replenishing supplies. This division of responsibilities allows our teachers to do what they have been trained to do: care and interact with your child.