YKROK childcare
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Your Child's Day

Our experienced teachers provide a nurturing, stimulating environment for your child every day. To ensure your school-ager has a day balanced with both learning and fun, our teachers allow each child to choose his or her own particular area of interest. This is done to enhance your child’s growing independence and, of course, make sure he or she is having the best day possible.

Homework Center

Our program provides a dedicated space for homework. Our committed teachers communicate with you about homework completed at the centre and items that need completion at home. By spending time on homework at the centre, your family will have more free time at home!


Daily fitness activities are critically important for children’s developing bodies. In our program your child will participate in fun activities such as yoga and martial arts and adopt healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

Classroom Council

For school-agers, the ability to help design their environment and have choices in their after-school program is important. The classroom council encourages children to work toward common goals by choosing weekly classroom activities together. Your child will learn to be a decision maker who will not only shape his or her after-school program, but will also learn leadership and team building skills.

Activity Centre and Club

Music, Dance, Keyboard, Drama, Pottery, Abacus, are some of the activities offered. Whether your child prefers to work independently or in a small group, there are diverse club activities that allow exploration and interaction with a variety of materials related to literacy, math, science, drama, art and music.