Tackling Childcare

Is your Crèche facility provision Under development?

Is your Crèche facility provision in the Early planning stage?

Is your Crèche facility provision yet to consider?

For your organisation, YKROK can help you review, explore, develop and/or plan for your crèche facility provision in the following ways:

  • Guidance on the characteristics of high quality care (health and safety practices, child-to-staff ratio, facility design and staff training)
  • Government guidelines on setting up a crèche
  • Guidance on how to finance a crèche
  • Guidance on how YKROK has operated crèches with a near-site partnership in shared centres and an on-site crèche
  • A process for providing payment or subsidies to the crèche
  • Photographs of existing crèches across YKROK sites
  • Best practices for assessing workforce demand for a crèche
  • Best practices for projecting workforce future crèche demand
  • Information on liability
  • Information on how compliance to the Mandate will be measured and monitored
  • Information on the implication of non-compliance to the Mandate

First-Hand Insights how other Companies have tackled childcare

Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids draws on 200 tie ups of employers who provide childcare-related benefits to their employees. The companies are located in different parts of India; some are located in rural areas, others in metropolitan areas – and in a cross-section of industries.

Providing childcare can be a win-win-win solution for employees, companies, and society at large.

Here are the lessons learned from our corporate tie ups:

  • There are no one-size-fits all approach to childcare solutions. Our company tie ups provide childcare supports in range of ways, from providing back-up care in emergencies to running high-quality on-site childcare centres for close to 100 children.
  • Offering childcare support as part of a holistic strategy yields biggest returns. What companies have learned is that their ROI can be further increased when the childcare strategy is part of a systematic diversity policy and is combined with other measures to support employees work life balance.
  • Supporting mothers and fathers with their childcare needs is critical. Encouraging and enabling fathers to use policies as actively as mothers is particularly likely to yield returns.
  • The Maternity Law matters. It takes government and companies to create markets for childcare tie ups. The tie up companies profiled in many ways are pioneers. To take such good practices to scale, convincing companies of the business case for tie ups is not enough. Investment in this field to build the capacity of affordable childcare providers like Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids, regulations & enforcement mechanisms of standards of care is required to advance tie up benefits.
  • Investments are needed to build capacity and skills Our corporate tie up companies profiled rely on Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids services. As the demand for childcare increases, significant investments in quality childcare provisions will become necessary.

Only Day Care in India to be highlighted in the World Bank Tackling Childcare project

IBM wins NAASSCOM award for best childcare service

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