Meals and snacks the YKROK centre provides for school-age children will contain at a minimum the meal and snack patterns shown below as a sample weekly menu. Children attending YKROK centre for 2or more hours after school will get least one snack.

Meal Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Lunch 12.30pm Puri + Rice + potato veg + toor dal + finely chopped cucumber Brinjal Rice + yellow moong dal curry Chapati + Rice + Radish besan veg + orange masoor dal Chapati + Rice + tomato onion capsicum veg + half split green moong dal Chapati + Rice + Cabbage potato veg + yellow moong dal
Milk 3:00 pm Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk
Snacks 3:30pm Rava Sheera (Sooji) Mix Veg Soup Veg Sandwich Wheat Pasta (Red gravy) Poha tikki
Dinner 5.30pm Chapati + Rice + Longbeans veg + orange masoor dal Pav Bhaji ( no pav)( chgapati) Yellow moong dal carrot veg khichadi + toor dal tadka + grated beetroot Chapati + Rice + Chow – chow veg + whole black masoor dal Chapati + Rice + Sweet pumpkin veg + toor dal
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