Quality Assurance Department

YKROK developed the Quality Assurance program to monitor health and safety policies and procedures, curriculum guidelines and program standards. Well-trained operations representatives review each centre several times a year. These comprehensive reviews are unannounced and supplement the corporate tie up visits.

Cleanliness Standards

To ensure our environment is safe, we employ a variety of methods to keep kids healthy.

  • Disinfecting classrooms, equipment and toys happens throughout each day
  • Our Operations Managers are on-site. That means there’s personal pride involved in each centre. With active, involved centre heads and operations, the highest standards continue to be upheld.
  • All meals and snacks are prepared in a commercial-grade kitchen away from classrooms.
  • Nutrition prepared balanced meals are served in our kid-sized classrooms, so children can eat in a place prepared specifically for mealtime.
  • Rooms are equipped with checklists so teachers can ensure each room is clean and tidy.
  • All locations have a pantry room for efficient cleanliness and proper storage of cleaning products.
  • We’re serious about washing hands and offer child-size sinks! We teach proper hand washing with soap and warm water, making cleanliness an everyday habit!
  • We wear gloves to prevent germs. We use precaution and wear disposable gloves to impede the spread of germs.

Provide Food, Water and Hygiene Lab Tests

Every quarter our lab technicians collect samples across centres for quality control purposes.

Highest Possible Childcare Safety Precautions

Our facilities have advance safety and security features such as fire drills, fire equipment, smoke detectors, hospital tie ups, doctor on call, and ambulance available in the tech park.

Trained Nurses Available Onsite Full Time

Infant, child and adult certification in CPR and First Aid is mandatory for our entire Nurse staff

Attractive, bright, modern and efficient child care centre design

All of our facilities are located inside IT Parks, inside worksites of companies, and a select few in high street neighbourhood locations. They have a similar look and layout. Therefore, families relocating have a familiar place for their childcare needs in their new worksite.

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