Onsite And Near Site Exclusive Company Childcare Center

Best partner award from several corporate tie ups

How Does It Work?

  • An exclusive facility set up onsite or space is not available near premises of the corporate
  • Fit out and setup costs borne by corporate and shared with YKROK
  • YKROK manages the end to end setup and operations
  • Holidays and timings of the Centre are mapped to the Corporate’s need
  • Corporate gives YKROK a guaranteed number of kids


  • Shared investment and operating cost
  • High visibility
  • Shared liability
  • Encourages retention and employee loyalty
  • May fulfill legislative mandates and industry-specific regulations, where applicable

Near-Site-Company Child Care Center Shared With Other Companies

How Does It Work?

  • YKROK sets up a new near site facility for the corporate with an agreed upon number of seats blocked for the partner, who is the anchor client
  • YKROK plans, designs and manages the operations completely
  • Child care spaces purchased with multiple companies to provide care jointly
  • Child care subsidies for employees


  • Easy access for employees
  • Can be scaled up on a national basis
  • High internal and external visibility
  • Encourages retention and employee loyalty, and improves productivity and operational stability
  • May increase employee cohesion and sense of shared community
  • Expands the stock of childcare spaces
  • Can accommodate nonstandard working hours
  • Mix of children across different economic and social strata

Corporate Tie Ups With Our Existing Near-Site Centres

How Does It Work?

  • The corporate can enter into a tie up with an agreed upon number of seats blocked across one centre or our 35 community / retail centres in all major parts of Bangalore and Pune.
  • Your company essentially ties up with YKROK and your employees can choose to enroll in any center on a priority basis.
  • Contracts are executed between your company and YKROK, the company recommends YKROK to its employees and enjoys certain additional privileges as compared to the community clients.
  • There are many ways to enter into corporate tie up contracts: Limited Financial Guarantor; Subsidized for full or part fees; Minimum Guarantee; Reserved Seats; Reimbursement to employees

Corporate Enquiry:

Mr. Bharat Kapoor at 9740 206 633 / [email protected]

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