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Quality Checklist

A group of existing toddler parents have created a list of their experiences why our centre stands out among the other centres and what you shall expect from Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids as your potential day care provider in the areas of — nurturing, playing, feeding, toileting, sleeping, stimulating, and comforting standards.


  • There is a structured program you can see in action throughout the twelve hour day like morning activities, rest and nap time, meals, outdoor play, and afternoon activities.
  • Teachers trained for the toddler age they teach.
  • Teachers are caring and responsive.
  • Four toddlers to a teacher is the average group size
  • Not using hitting, shouting, rather positive methods used to guide behaviour.
  • A lot of play and daily routines used as opportunities for nurturing and learning.
  • Many toys and materials in the toddler areas offer interesting and challenging activities.
  • Groups segregated by young toddler (14-18 months) and Toddlers (18-24 months)
  • English speaking Teachers.
  • Staff available for local language request.


  • The centres are maintaining high standards given by corporate tie up partners
  • The toddler classroom is safe, clean, and well-maintained
  • The toddler classroom contains half walls giving full visibility to parents and staff from all areas
  • Entrances secured with electronic biometric access to gain entrance into the building housing the toddler classroom
  • Well documented safety plan in place in case of emergency to get the toddlers out in a specific area
  • Secure pick-up/drop-off procedures in place with tight security
  • Meals and nap times are personalized for your child's needs
  • Personal cribs for each toddler
  • Toys sanitized daily
  • Teachers wash hands after diapering, before feeding the toddler and frequently in between
  • Full time Nurses assigned to the toddler group in first aid/CPR
  • Sick toddler children who are contagious kept at home policy enforced
  • Updated Immunizations tracking software maintained by the centre nurse
  • Breakfast, lunch, mid day snack, dinner and in between milk provided daily
  • Going home time milk required in a bottle for the car journey permitted
  • Each toddler maintains a separate water bottle with toddler name imprinted on bottle to prevent accidental sharing and infection


  • Parents allowed to visit your toddler anytime you want
  • Daily communication about your toddlers day online as well at the family communications board
  • Weekly and daily online communication about what your toddler is learning
  • Assessments-parent teacher meetings done monthly