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Activity Centres

The Classroom

YKROK Center's toddler classroom is built specifically to accommodate this age group, which is active and mobile and ready for expanded exploration opportunities. Low shelves contain picture-labeled containers to encourage self-help. Your toddler can easily help himself to the materials and, eventually, as she transitions to our Preschool and Nursery classrooms, help put them back as well.

Interest Areas

The various play and learning materials are arranged into five clear and distinct "interest areas":

  • Active and Gross Motor Play - including rocking toys, riding toys and large climbing structures
  • Fine Motor Play and Manipulatives - including action and reaction toys, puzzles and stacking objects
  • Imagination and Quiet Play - including doll items, kitchen sets, play food and other pretend play items
  • Language Development and Music and Movement - including cassette players, children's books, musical instruments and puppets
  • Creative Arts and Exploration - including art materials, a sand-and-water table and sensory materials such as tactile play materials