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Yours Child's Day

More Language, More Books, More Fun

What Your Preschooler's Day Is Like

Your Child will probably begin to talk about his/her day even before he/she arrives at YKROK Centre. While getting dressed or eating breakfast, your child will be focused on "coming to school" in the mornings and looking forward to playing and learning.

Morning Circle Time

After Assembly Preschoolers start their day with Morning Circle Time. Here, the class joins together to discuss a daily topic, the weather and the day's exciting activities. Your child will learn many math and language skills during Morning Circle Time, but equally as important, he/she will start to participate in a longer group activity and feel comfortable speaking up in front of his/her peers and teacher.

Learning Center Activities

After Circle Time, your child will participate in a Learning Center Activity. For example, if the theme is "The Days of Dinosaurs," your child will start at the Art Center to draw about how he/she would eat, feel and dress if he/she were a dinosaur.

Literacy and Language Enrichment

Literacy and Language Enrichment activities are designed to foster a love for reading. Your child will gather with the rest of the class to read a story, sing a song and/or act out a favorite book. YKROK believes in using quality children's literature to help make your child a lifetime reader. You will enjoy many of the theme-related books that your teacher shares with your child.

Music, Dance and Movement

Just wait until your preschooler teaches you his/her Music and Movement song. This is another great part of our day during which your child has fun with a variety of action songs, poems and rhymes that help to expand vocabulary and listening skills.

The Home Stretch

In our day care, our day comes to a close with more outside play and afternoon Circle Time. During afternoon Circle Time, the children will review what they have learned, share their favorite Center project and look ahead to tomorrow.

Your Ride Home

You will get a snapshot of what your child did that day from the "Home Talk." We urge you to use the Home Talk information as a going-home routine to reinforce learning, and build self-esteem and enjoyable communications with your child. It's a great way to avoid the "I don't know" response when you ask your child what he/she learned today.