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Activity Centres

Learning Centers

YKROK Preschool Classroom features seven Learning Centers that are equipped with inviting, age-appropriate learning materials, manipulatives and theme-oriented activities that encourage learning and independence.

Construction and Design Center

Includes a complete set of unit blocks; large and small vehicles; animals, people and traffic signs; recyclables such as cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes and oatmeal containers.

Dramatic Play Center

Includes dramatic play furniture (materials available depend on the current theme), dishes, utensils, place mats, pots, pans, food sets, telephones, computer keyboards, old typewriters, dressup clothes, purses, wallets, shoes, menus, a cash register, paper, and pencils.

Writing Center

Includes children's journals; pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers; various paper supplies, index cards; recycled magazines (that have been reviewed), menus, books, newspapers, clipboards and notebooks; magnetic letters; and examples of print, including sentence strips with the children's names on them, properly labeled items and alphabet strips.

Creativity and Art Center

Includes painting supplies, pencils, crayons, markers and easels; recyclables such as wallpaper samples, fabric pieces and collage materials; glue and scissors; and various paper supplies.

Science and Sensorial Center

Includes sand and/or water table; Wonder Bottles (recycled water bottles with water and oil mixed together with small shells, rocks, sand, food coloring, etc.); magnets and magnetic items; feathers, leaves and other items from nature; magnifying glasses and mirrors.

Reading and Listening Center

Includes children's literature (with the current theme-related literature), magazines, newspapers, song and poem charts; an audiocassette or CD player, headphones, stories recorded on tape and/or other tape-recorded songs; stories and poems; and soft elements such as rugs, pillows and beanbags.

Math and Manipulatives Center

Includes calendar, weather and number charts; magnetic numbers, puzzles, games and flash cards; safe manipulatives for sorting (large buttons, stamps, stickers, etc.); paper, pencils, notebooks, index cards; measuring cups and spoons, cookie cutters in varying shapes and other materials used to weigh and measure.