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YKROK curriculum

We Promise – Contact Director’s at bharatkapoor@ykrok.in  and  sumankapoor@ykrok.in

…you will see a written curriculum support in all aspects of development and learning, offering strong intellectual content, and also preserving children’s right to learn through play.

...you will know that committed, centre head, quality in charge, dedicated teachers, assistant teachers, caregivers, nurses, nutritionist, food preparer, transportation attendant, extra curricular specialists are developing and caring for your child.

...you will watch your child develop a love of learning and will get ready to join a formal school.

...you will see your child develop strong relationships with our teachers and will make a lot of friends.

...you will share in the joy of your child's experiences in our centre through regular face to face and online communication.

...you will be treated as an important member of the Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids family.

...you can expect us to listen carefully and respond quickly to any questions or concerns with a strong customer service focus.

...you will know that it is our privilege to serve your family and have your child attend Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids.

...you will feel completely confident and reassured when you leave your child with us and go to work.

...you will know that we value your child to be taken care of, protected, and respected at all times.

... you can expect the Directors overseeing everything personally to give your child the best of the best.