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Quality Care for Your Infant

Choosing Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids a day care program for your infant and your family is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a new parent. The process may seem overwhelming, and you may be uncertain of what questions to ask or what to look for. To help, a group of existing parents have created a list of their experiences and what you shall expect from Your Kids ‘R’ Our Kids as your potential day care provider in the areas of — nurturing, playing, feeding, toileting, sleeping, stimulating, and comforting.

Great Nurse-Infant-Parent Partnerships only at YKROK!

Your baby has three wishes: to feel safe, to feel loved and to be respected. YKROK emphasizes the importance of the early partnership between the centre nurses, parent and the baby and with enrolling your infant child at YKROK, you will get things right from the start. Enrolling your baby at YKROK will validate all parents who tune in to their baby, who follow what feels right, who follow their hearts.

As many YKROK parents state, the most important dance in our baby's life: the YKROK Partnership Dance. Our baby's future rests upon how well this dance is accomplished. Babies are born ready to dance the Partnership Dance, but they can't dance it with us when we have forgotten how the steps go.

Successful intimate relationships are a doorway to health and happiness for parents. Not surprisingly, that first relationship with their parents and YKROK nurses and staff that new babies make, sets the scene for every other relationship that follows. The quality of this first relationship which develops in a YKROK centre determines how the brain physically "wires up" the potential the new infant brings into the world and is the launching pad for the baby as a social being.

YKROK Day Care programs is a "must have" for all working parents.

What to Expect:

  • Infant will be held a lot and have lots of “conversation” and physical nurturing As the nurse-infant ratio is 1:3, a one-to-one ratio will be applicable if infant cries.
  • What kind of experience and training will the nurses in my infant’s room have? The nurses are recruited directly from hospitals where they have been working in paediatric care. They are trained at YKROK on conducting growth and development activities. They will be loving, competent, and caring people. Nurses and Infant caregivers have been working at the centre since the beginning, we have experienced minimum attrition rates
  • Precautions have been taken to limit the spread of germs.
  • Infant’s schedule — activities, feeding, sleeping, and diapering — data for the day will be loaded twice per day on the parent portal.
  • At pick up time, Nurses will give an update of what your baby has done that day. Nurses will communicate with parent any milestones so you don’t miss anything.
  • As we have such a wide range of ages/abilities in one room, infants are segregated and managed according to their developmental milestones and YKROK segregates the groups and play spaces according to ages 3-6 months; 6-9 months; and 9-14 months.

What to Look for:

  • The centres have a secure entrance. This is a very comforting factor especially when you look at the main secured entrance all the way to the exclusive infant nursery. Only authorized persons are allowed in the infant nursery which greatly reduces the risk of having a stranger walk in.
  • All families and visitors accompanying the families get greeted.
  • Infants seem happy and comfortable in the nursery. As a father I see my baby play meaning being free to move in her body because moving is playing for our baby. My baby is free to choose what to play with (from the selection YKROK provides) and being free to play with it as little or as long as she wants. I also love when my baby is playing with others.
  • The nurses and caregivers seem happy and engaged with the infants. Lots of singing lullabies, songs and jingles, dancing around the infant nursery with babies in arms, making funny faces, and just generally hanging gives the parents the confidence it’s a happy environment.

Your Infants Day

  • Nurses adjust to your baby’s schedule.
  • Babies are taken outside every day in the outdoor playground.
  • Babies get tummy time each day.
  • Mandatory time set aside each day to hold your baby, sit him on a nurse’s lap, have cuddle time, etc
  • Lots of enrichments for infants, such as storytellers, musicians, sign language, etc.
  • Parents can visit any time they want and all centres are near site offices
  • Parents can bring items from home, including blankets and stuffed animals, to comfort your baby and decorate the crib.

Health and Hygiene

  • The centre is professionally cleaned.
  • Paper sheets are put down and gloves worn by caregiver during diaper changing. All diapers, wipes, and diaper cream are labelled for each child.
  • All toys get cleaned after they have been in a child’s mouth. This is a mandatory practice implemented all times.
  • All nurses are CPR/first aid certified and tie up with Fortis Hospital and doctors.
  • Nurses label/mark breast milk and formula. Moms can bring frozen breast milk


  • Your infant will have one primary nurse and caregiver will be shared with two other babies. The ratio is 3 infants to one nurse.
  • Are nurses involved in a continuing education activity and safety program, including monthly, quarterly, and annual training by YKROK Doctors Agni and Sandeep.
  • Nurses have access to educational resources (e.g., curriculum guides, activity books, and professional journals) as they have to conduct activities for infants.
  • Are nurses are involved in an annual system of performance evaluation and goal setting.
  • There is opportunity for formal feedback through a parent satisfaction survey.

Parent Support

  • There is a process for preparing your baby and parent for your first day, week and month at the centre as well as the first month.
  • Parents provide materials to be stored in the cubicle on a weekly basis .
  • Soiled laundry given back either daily or weekly to parents
  • YKROK provides the formula Lactogen, Cerelac and utensils.
  • A detailed system for answering or addressing parent questions or concerns on a daily basis.
  • Parent education offered first Saturday of the month by nurses and doctors. A parent information area or bulletin board answers the day-to-day questions
  • There are opportunities for parents to meet as a group on the first Saturday

General Things that Parents Love YKROK for

  • The feel comfortable factor with the nurse for our child. Working together with the nurse puts parents at ease.
  • There is definitely a positive experience for our child. Parents feel having a good, open relationship is the YKROK USP.
  • The infant room sounds and smells pleasant.
  • The centre feels very comfortable when you walk in (reception by staff/administration team, interactions between staff and parents, staff and child, etc.)
  • The nurses seem happy together. They work well together.
  • The variety of materials and toys — including natural and everyday home materials — for babies of all ages to explore is a big plus point.
  • The indoor and outdoor environments are child-sized and designed specially for infants of various developmental abilities and needs.
  • Parents see evidence of reading to infants by Nurses which is great.
  • Infants are happily and busily engaged in interesting and diverse play activities.
  • Parents see daily displays of what the children are doing and learning.
  • The most important factor is that the infant program is approved by the corporate institution with whom they have a tie up / partnership with and it meets the high standards set by them.