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The Activity Area

Our Infant Environment

Where your infant spends the day is just as important as what he/she does there. So, just like the way you decorated your baby's nursery, we've meticulously designed his/her environment to nurture him/her, and stimulate exploration and growth.

During the YKROK Centres' tour, you will notice the warm, caring environment and our dedication to cleanliness and sanitation. Every infant has his/her own crib, and special care is taken to personalize your child's resting space with pictures of your family and stimulating d├ęcor.

Activity Centers

Our infant rooms are organized into seven Activity Centers, which are filled with educational and age-appropriate toys, games and materials:

  • Music and Movement - including musical instruments such as miniature maracas, toys that make noise and sing
  • Language Development - including board books, vinyl books, picture card sets
  • Creative Arts and Exploration - including mirrored walls, plexiglass learning display, photo books
  • Gross Motor Play - including activity gyms, hand rail for walking, large climbing mats and push/pull play opportunities
  • Fine Motor and Self-Help Skills Building - including stacking blocks, reaction toys
  • Book and Storytelling Center - including favorite stories, puppets, soft animals
  • Quiet Play - including soft animals and dolls, soft clutch balls, soft activity mats