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GO GREEN- A Kids of Character Initiative

YKROK preschool class is going green-- for the environment, that is.

It's no secret that young children get into a lot of projects that often leave them sticky, dirty and, yes, painted in a variety of colours. But, the preschool class across all centres is turning kids  green through trash in a mission to help save our planet.

I have recycling stuff from my home," said LKG student Jay

When Ms. Durga chose recycling as one of the weekly topics for her preschool class, she never dreamed it would turn into this.
Not only are her 4- and 5-year-old kids learning about recycling, they're practicing it.

"I brought some bottles and I brought a big jug from cranberry juice," said preschool student Samira.

Instead of just collecting recyclables, these youngsters are headed to the local recycling market to see what happens to items after they're dropped off.
"It's kind of an abstract concept to think we take these containers, and they do something else with them," said Ms. Tara, a teacher at the Bannerghatta centre. "So, we're hoping the tour today provides the kids a more concrete idea of what happens to this trash once we sort it (and) clean it."

"I'm really thrilled," Ms. Bindu Hari, Director, The International School Bangalore said. "To see the kids get into it this much and grow this big. It's incredibly exciting to me. I love it, and Chairman, Delhi Public Schools, Shri, K Rahman Khan who is currently serving the country as Hon’ble Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha is excited, too." He looks forward to being the chief guest of the Annual Day.

At the recycling market, the children learned what happens to cardboard and newspapers to make them reusable. It's a real-life learning lesson as the preschoolers eagerly sort and drop off their products.

The teachers at YKROK have decided to make this an ongoing project and hope to even challenge other preschools to do the same.
If you're interested in getting your kids involved with recycling, we have helpful teachers.