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Quality Checklist

YKROK believes that we are reinventing the Day Care experience. We provide Day Care that we like to call “guilt free”. If your child can’t be in your care, we know that he/she is at the next best place – YKROK!

YKROK Day Care has become the finest centre in the Bangalore, Pune and Delhi Areas. This is an opinion shared by many other working parents. You will not have to go to any other facility with feelings of dread and expressions of gloom at the thought of touring yet another daycare. Only at YKROK will your eyes light up and a genuine smile will come across your face as you walk in our beautiful centres. You will realize immediately that YKROK is no Day Care! It is a magical environment, encompassing fun, learning, cleanliness and safety, that surpasses every expectation as a parent, you may have.

Here’s why:

HR and Staffing

We have various teachers, assistant teachers, care givers, nutritionist, nurses, cook, floor in charge, quality specialist, and operations manager who work in a shift session. For each role for staff recruitment we conduct a background verification, trainings (pre recruitment, induction first aid, CPR and ongoing). Our child: staff ratios during centre operations is an average of 150 children in a centre with 40 staff members. With higher than average industry salaries, periodic performance appraisal, basic benefits we are able to reduce the attrition levels. We have several staff on our rolls since we founded each centre. We are particular about staff endorsement of discipline policy which includes no hitting and yelling at a child. With maintaining staff health and other records we are able to have a safe environment with all staff having their background checked.

Program Developmental Activities

YKROK’s Day Care is not about baby sitting or a crèche. Each age group, even the infants have age appropriate written daily / weekly and monthly activities plan, new child settling in phase, toilet trainings, teachers positive relations with parents and children, parent visits anytime with an open door policy, good selection of age appropriate activities to support learning, health, safety and nutrition awareness to children and excellent parent to parent communications.

Health promotion and protection

You could have sent your child to any day care centre or even hired a nanny/maid, but with our extra attention and efforts to help you are in safe hands. Here’s why.

Our day care health promotion standards are very high, including immunization updates at the time of admission and several reminders given for additional dosages as your child grows up,. Plus, daily health check at drop off time, emergency procedures, evacuation drills, periodic health assessments by our doctor Dr. Sandeep and Dr. Agni from Fortis Hospital.

Our doctors are responsible for implementing a medical emergency plan, several fully stocked first aid boxes in strategic locations in the centre, nutritional planning for individual child, child health records examined frequently, nap time which can be individualized, diapering, hand washing, inclusion/ exclusion of child and staff from the centre for illness, caring for ill children in our separate sick room, and control of communicable diseases and SIDS.

Nutrition and Food Services

You could not have been more pleased with YKROK food experience. The Day provides nutrition and food services including age appropriate food menu, food quantity servings can be increased as per child’s appetite, individual and group food timings, infant, toddler, preschool, after school age children morning breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner patterns and feeding patterns.

The cleaning and maintenance of food preparation equipments, precautions for safe preparation and supply of food, handling of food brought from home and remaining food, hygiene drinking water is well taken care off.

Facilities, Supplies, Equipments and Transportation

We offer a safe day care centre structure, lay outs, play areas, furniture, fixtures, compliance with fire prevention code, parent lounge, high levels of illumination and ventilation, smoke detection systems, and fire extinguishers.

The centre environment is so amazing that you will feel truly blessed to be able to send your child here. It’s clean and orderly, with lots of space filled with all the things that intrigue children and motivate learning.

We also have imported selection of play equipments and toys, requirements of frequent hand washing and several toilet areas, four telephones to communicate with parents, emergency exits and lighting, separate food preparation area, door to door pick and drop transportation with safety constraints. Can it get any better?

Infectious diseases

With an average centre recruitment of 6 registered nurses, we are able to manage and control the outbreak of communicable infectious and viral diseases through immunization, inclusion/ exclusion of children and staff from the centre, informing our doctors and parents of the possible outbreak of communicable diseases.

Administration of the Day Care is well Organized

With corporate partners providing day care standards, we have formed parent council pillars for quality areas. We have a safe and secured child pick up and drop off areas & who is allowed and not allowed to pick up, provision for teachers to know about child and family health habits, local culture and family structure through the ‘All About Child’ and ‘Needs and Service’ forms.

You can’t imagine that there will ever be another day care as enriching as ours. We have over 700 Standard Operating Procedures being implemented.

We conduct evacuation drills, written emergency medical service plan, transportation, food and nutrition services policies and plans, health policies, sharing of child records with teachers and nurses, our tie ups like Doctors, Ambulance, Fire, Dentist, documentation of minor injuries, illness, records of proper installation and maintenance of centre play equipments, insurance coverage, child transition from home to centre and centre to formal schools is well planned.